Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert:

It has been observed that many times, fake postings are listed online and are sent through email to illegally collect personal information and/or money. Please not that does not approve of, or represent any person sending such fraudulent communication.

Safety Measures:

We are committed to ensure the safety of our site users. To provide the safest possible environment, we recommend our users to take care of few simple security precautions for a safe user experience.

There may be instances that users may receive fraudulent emails that appear as if it came from asking for their details. To avoid misuse of your, please don’t share or send any of your personal/ Account details. Please note that we will NEVER ask your password in an email or anyway.

If you see or observe any suspicious or questionable activity or any potential misuse of, immediately report the issue/ fraud on, so that the required steps can be taken for safety