Course 5


 – How to handle criticism & negative thinking, this is one such art if a person commands can change his position and status wherever he is. In this comprehensive course you will learn to come out winning each time in various tough and critical positions and situations of life,  with the learned core techniques of handling criticism and negative thinking.

Course Description:

This course on how to handle criticism & negative thinking is a key to every individual and professional, classic principles and techniques in this course will transform your life on how to be more steady and still in life with techniques that will help you control your brain and its power to  build more successful, winning and famous life, where you enjoy and celebrate the growing position of your life both at a personal and professional level, and become a reverend  top notch professional with a lot of say and perseverance and people thinking of  you as a problem solver and a thoughtful leader.

It will help you find out things that are stopping your brain to act positively and constructively in various activities of decision making and execution, taking you away from success and growth.

It will help you realize and identify the day-to-day weaknesses of your brain and the thoughts and those minor things you have been doing your entire life, which given a slight transition with the techniques mentioned and discussed in the course, will add an immense pool of positivity and strong growth aspect in your life.

This unique course will help you change your life in a big manner, You can expect a 360 degree turn around. With the principle and techniques in the course, you will start seeing positivity more than negativity and will understand the benefits of being a positive thinker that will help you achieve greater heights in life.


Course Content & Modules:

Module 1: Critics, Negative Thinking & Leader’s

Module 2: Steps to Handle Criticism

Module 3: How to Avoid & Overcome Destructive Criticism

Module 4: Negative Thoughts & Limiting Growth

Course Price – INR 2999/-