Course 3


 – How to Boost your life & career by learning golden self-discipline & consistency habits that will help you achieve whatever task you aim.

Course Description:

The golden techniques in this course on self-discipline & consistency habits will open new options and avenues for you in life on how you lead a more planned, focused & technique-oriented life, where you enjoy and celebrate the growing position of your life both at a personal and professional level, and become a top notch professional.

It will help you find out things that are stopping you from become a grand success, taking you away from success and growth.

It will help you realize and identify the day-to-day minor things you have been doing your entire life, which given a slight transition with the techniques mentioned and discussed in the course, will add an immense pool of time to your life.

With the golden rules in the course, you will start seeing activities of life as productive tasks required to be done to achieve greater heights in life.

Course Content & Modules:

Module 1: Golden Rules of Self Discipline

Module 2: Self Discipline Program

Module 3: Changing Habits- IS IT Easy or Hard?

Module 4: Consistency Makes all the difference

Course Price – INR 2999/-